Streamer Etiquette: Effective Networking For Streamers

Streamer Etiquette

Streamer Etiquette is one of the most important behavior to wrap your head around. I know everyone is excited to grow their stream and be the best in their specific niche but don’t get too far ahead of yourself here and annoy other streamers.

There are several, unwritten rules of engagement when trying to network with other streamers.

In this post I will show you what not to do and then give you the best approach to do instead.

The things I will discuss have worked for many channels in the past and if you stick to your guns, it will work for you.

I moved to Beam with these tactics in my pocket after learning them on Twitch.

These have helped greatly in growing my stream and my reputation across the website.

And guess what…

My stream has grown to over 900 followers in under a short four months.

Streamer Etiquette - Total Followers From Proper Streamer Etiquette Techniques



That’s an average of 225 new followers every month, 56 each week, or 7 every single day!

The average streamer is said to gain only five new followers each week…

How did I drastically over come that five per week average?

Networking with etiquette.

So let’s talk about the do’s and don’ts that come along with streamer etiquette.


Streamer Etiquette: What Not To Do


Don’t talk about you being a streamer

This tip, and the rest, are basically common sense if you think about the concept.

Would you like someone to enter your channel while you are working hard to entertain your viewers and say, “I’m a streamer!”.

Of course not…

Even if in a more playful manner, it appears as self advertising and looks like you are trying to usurp the other stream’s viewer base.

It’s bad and makes you look desperate.


Don’t ask for shout outs

This is even worse than the first!

It makes you appear more desperate than just bringing up that you are a streamer.

I know more of a few cases where some streamers did ban users for this and it often breaks the rules of a stream. So put this out of your mind now.


Don’t ask for a view for view

This is when you whisper a streamer as they are live asking them to open your channel and in return you will have theirs open.

As the two above, this makes you seem desperate and needy.

There is always a chance someone will agree to this but one view will not make or break your ranking overall.

You are better off following the steps below when networking and you will gain the potential of another streamer recommending you to their viewers.


Streamer Etiquette: What To Do Instead


Hang out in channels

When you have free time you need to be in other people’s streams.

This allows you to not only meet the people of that community but also see what they are doing to get people to stick around.


Meet the streamerStreamer Etiquette - Social - how to stream

Talk to the streamer, it is a huge potential.

Be friendly, ask them about their day, what they like, and so on.

I recommend doing this in streams in the same size range as you. So if you pull five viewers on average hang out in streams that have 10 or 15.

These streamers are more likely to notice you and carry on a conversation.

Be apart of the community

Don’t just be there hoping to gain more exposure.

Join in with the community and be a part of it. This will help get your name out there.

Do this and the other two above in several channels a day and it will help you get your brand noticed in the long run.


Streaming is a marathon not a sprint.


Stream Etiquette In Recap:

Don’t mention that you are a streamer, don’t ask for shoutouts, and don’t try to get view for view with others.

These will only lead to you tarnishing your brand and giving your channel a bad name.

Instead you should hang out in channels, meeting the streamer and becoming a part of their community.

Networking in a classy way will be best for your stream in the long run and give you a better reputation among the other streamers in your space.


Have other streamer etiquette tips? Please share them in the comments below!

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