Get More Followers on Twitch, Beam, or Hitbox and Increase Growth

Five Effective Ways To Increase Your Stream Growth Main

Everyone wants to get more followers from the very start of their streaming career.

However, if you are new to streaming how do you know what to do exactly without shooting yourself in the foot to find out?

Outlined here are five of the most effective ways to get more followers for new and established streamers of all genres.

If you are looking for a few tips on influencing people to watch your stream after network we have a post for that too!

Get More Followers Through Networking

Networking is a key part of any growth tactic. We can’t expect to grow if we don’t meet others and help them grow in the process. This includes streaming; hanging out in other streams to help their numbers not only gets your name out there but also show you are committed to the platform of your choice.

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Stream Networking 101

chat to get more followers1. Don’t mention that you are a streamer.

This is a big social ‘no-no’ if you do and no streamer wants to hear “Hi I’m a streamer too! Will you check me out sometime?” This does seem like it will be hard to get them to know your stream as well. However, as you engage in the community the other streamer is building the topic will come up. Be friends first and co-streamers second.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to say something like “OK, got to go stream now, I’ll see you later.” The last thing you want is the other streamer to feel like you are trying to steal viewers. Be patient the question will arise in due time.

2. Participate in chat.

This goes hand in hand with what we just mentioned above. Don’t do the before mentioned things to let them know your stream. Just participate and have fun with them. If they ask if you stream then by all means say yes and let them ask you questions about your stream. They may not ask anything after the first question but you never know.

This goes very well in small streamer’s chats. Most of the time you are one of, if not the, only person there talking with them. Help them to be engaging as a streamer. Give them things to talk about and the connection will grow ever quicker.

3. Join the streamers discord and engage there.

This is the same as number two just on a different platform. All the social conventions of stream networking apply here they are just not live so to speak.

4. Visit both small and large streams.

It’s good to meet and get to know the big time streamers on your platform of choice but don’t for get the small streamers! If you are starting out you are small time too so meet other small streamers. This is great to start a little group of streamer friends who share similar interests.


Give Honest and Sincere Appreciation

like get more followersOne of the best ways we’ve found to get more followers is giving sincere appreciation. People love to know that you appreciate them and their time but don’t flatter just to flatter them. Everyone can easily sniff out when someone is just ‘brown nosing’ or flattering to gain something.

Honesty is key, if you had a fun time with everyone then tell them. If you did not don’t lie. However, don’t call them out for not chatting or causing issues either. There is a fine balance that will be learned over time.

A good way to make sure you are are always honest in your appreciation is to find something that you did like about the stream and thank everyone for that. Whether it was a joke someone told or the fact that you are glad the just the regulars stopped by.

One of the best ways we've found to get more followers is giving sincere appreciation. Click To Tweet


Focus On One platform

More and more people are going the re-streaming route where they stream to two or more platforms at the same time. We do not recommend this for several reasons

1. Needing to keep track of many chats

2. Networking efforts will be thin and light

3. Most viewers on one platform will feel neglected when you chat to the other group of viewers.


Being Interested In Your Viewers

Being interested in your viewers is probably the top way to get more followers. When starting out you will be a very small time streamer. Streaming to one or two people at most. If you ignore the people watching and chatting they will end up leaving. There are many, much larger, streamer that they can watch that won’t talk to them due to the size of their stream and how fast the chat moves.

As a small streamer it is your main job to interact and make your viewers feel important. They are taking time out of their day to watch you play games, or make art, or whatever it is that you are streaming. Show them that you care, ask them questions, an answer the questions they ask.


Show Your Personality

Don’t be another “so and so” be the first you. If people wanted to see ‘Mr. Big Streamer’ they would but they are watching you, so be you! Yes there is a need to crank it up a notch or two but don’t change who you are. If you love corny jokes tell them, if you are always on level 100 then be on level 101, if you are chill then be chill but make it obvious.

Showing personality is not as as easy as turning on a camera. You do need to make sure it is coming though. Think about how you act when it’s just you and your best friend, your spouse, or you family. Be that, and make it clear and pronounced on stream.

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